» Pack your bags and take the next flight to Bangkok «

 Regardless of your previous travels, no book or blog can prepare you for the impact that Bangkok will leave on your first ‘night out’.

View from a Club Lounge – Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn

View from a Club Lounge – Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn

» Be enchanted by the Bangkok lights «

Even though it comes with a pretty high price tag (but no entrance fee), Vertigo Bar is a definite highlight if you want to be blown away by the city’s skyline. The view from this 61 stories high bar is just incredible. You feel on top of the world! The food and drinks are great, the atmosphere outstanding and the service excellent. Don’t forget to make a reservation though!


» The city of five senses «

From the noisy tuk-tuks or the continuous honking of cars to the shouts of vendors at the night market or people promoting “ping-pong” shows on the street while booming music grasps the surroundings, you are acoustically more awake than ever. From thousands of empty giant billboards to colorful scarfs in markets to stunning lady-boys or gaudy shrines, your sight will be delighted.


Patpong Night Market – famous for its notorious nightlife


Lovely ladies at the Jim Thompson House


Never miss the change to take a Tuk Tuk ride


Damnoen Floating Market – it’s located 1 hour drive from Bangkok and we recommend arriving there at 9am to avoid the crowds.

» The flavours of the Thai cuisine «

Add a little bit of lemongrass, some garlic, coriander and traditional Thai spices on a mouth-watering ‘chicken with coconut milk curry’ and you will find yourself sweating and wanting more. The collection of tastes doesn’t only please your taste buds but also invades your smell. After leaving, you will always remember how Bangkok smells like – a giant stew pot with raw fish, grilled pork, chicken, mango, durian, insects and condiments.


Damnoen Floating Market


Damnoen Floating Market

View from a Club Room – Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn

View from a Club Room – Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn

Thailand is really a kingdom of smiles – a place where you feel welcomed everywhere you go. Travelling is mostly about people who live a completely different life than you and have unconventional viewpoints, which often differ from your own. Even when you realize this, you still have a lot in common with the natives and the fact that you still can communicate with them is a great experience. It’s when you begin to understand the popular regional Thai saying “same, same but different”. And even only a small percentage of them speak English, most of them are happy to tell you their story or at least share some warm smiles. One thing they don’t get about travellers and Westerners is the obsession with time. They believe that it shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying life slowly. It is not only that you will likely get to experience the unbeaten path and local specialties, but you will definitely come home with many anecdotes. We definitely remember our driver, called Pepsi.


Sawasdee Ka! means “Hello” in Thai

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